Piano Lessons

Training in the Suzuki Method is based on an individual lesson each week. Students ages five to adult may enroll in individual weekly lessons; four year-olds attend small group sessions twice a week.

Learning without printed notes at first allows students to internalize the music and concentrate on correct touch and beautiful tone. Note reading is usually pursued around the Book Two level, but depends on the student’s age.

It is a priority to be relaxed, comfortable and balanced on the piano bench at the beginning stages of piano instruction. Most piano benches are not high enough for young students; an adjustable bench is used to place students at the proper height. When a child is sitting at the correct height, forearms will be parallel with the floor. Footstools are placed under the feet for balance. This procedure should be followed at home to provide consistency of position at the piano. Adjustable benches may be purchased at music stores or by mail order. Sturdy cushions or large books can also be used.

In order to provide the most positive environment, the home instrument is of extreme importance. It’s best to have a real piano, but some students may work on a keyboard until that special piano is found. A piano may change pitch with temperature changes and usually should be tuned twice a year. Much effort is placed in developing the student’s ear; an out-of-tune piano will subvert that effort!

When you and your child have decided to take piano lessons at the Preucil School of Music, please fill out the placement form below.  For additional information on the enrollment process, please refer to the Enrollment section of this website.


Other Opportunities

A  full range of complementary group and performance opportunities enriches each student’s study. Your teacher will recommend the best choices for your ability and interest level.

Group Classes

Available for violin, viola, cello, piano, flute, voice.

Group performance classes meet weekly to work on technical skill development, repertoire review, and musical style in a motivational setting. Students are placed in a class according to ability level at the beginning of the school year, and remain in this class throughout the year. Group classes give the student the opportunity to work with various teachers at the School since the teacher of the group class may not be the child’s regular lesson teacher.


Chamber Music

Available for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp, voice.

Chamber music is a form of classical music written for a small group of instruments that can be performed in a palace chamber or other intimate setting. Ensembles range in size from two to eight, typically without solo performance, one performer to a part. The Preucil School offers many chamber opportunities, each allowing students the opportunity for music and social collaboration.


Performance Opportunities

Available for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp, voice.

The Preucil School schedules a wide array of recital and concerts each year, many based on achievement of a Suzuki curriculum landmark. These opportunities allow the performer to master performance requirements, gain confidence and motivate fellow students and audience members.


Certificate Program

Available for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp.

The Certificate Program challenges each student to read, write, and hear the language of music with a high level of literacy. This tuition-free program for high school students includes intensive study in theory and musicianship, keyboard, and chamber music in addition to regular lessons and orchestra membership.


Master Classes

Available for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp, voice.

At times when nationally recognized artists visit the Iowa City area, the Preucil School offers its students the opportunity to experience master classes. In a master class, a respected artist works with one student or a small group, providing a learning opportunity for performers and observers.


Piano Play-Ins

Play-ins for all piano students are offered without charge periodically throughout the year.  Dates and times are printed in the yearly calendar and posted prior to each event.  Students perform for each other as solos, duos and trios and practice recital procedures at these motivational events.

Multiple Piano Festival

The Multiple Piano Festival happens every two years for students in books 3 and up.  It is a special chamber music event for pianists only in which 5 students prepare and perform one piece together.  Each student has his or her own unique part, and plays on his or her own instrument.  Five pianists on five pianos to create one masterpiece!

Piano Concerto Day

Piano Concerto Day is very special because most pianists do not have the opportunity to play with orchestra.  At this event students play select pieces as a soloist while being accompanied by a string orchestra.  What a treat!  The Preucil School offers two Concerto Days for pianists:  one for Books 3 and 4, and a second for Books 5 and up.

Suzuki Book 1 & 2 Piano Workshop

The Suzuki Book 1 & 2 Workshop allows Book 1 and 2 students to perform and receive helpful feedback from a guest artist in a masterclass setting.  The sessions are 1 hour each and have 5 or 6 kids in a class.  The Book 1 & 2 Workshop often comes with an additional exploratory class.

Piano Faculty