Preschool Policies

Placement Policy

A.  All new applicants must submit a placement form and $40.00 to secure a place on the placement list. The form and fee are also required for students who are placed immediately. Students who are not placed may stay on the list without paying another fee.

B. A priority number will be assigned to each child on November 1 of the year preceding desired placement, based on the child’s status on that date. All children who apply after November 1 for placement in the following year are assigned priority number 2. Priority levels are defined as follows:

1.1 Sibling of current preschooler or child of Preucil faculty.

1.2 Child granted summer-only placement because Fall preschool was full at the time of his/her placement.

1.3 Current Music Together, or lesson student, child of current Preucil family, or close relative of Preucil faculty.

1.4 Sibling of previous preschooler.

2. Child from the general public or child who applies after November 1 of the year immediately preceding desired placement.

3. Child who has declined an offered spot because he/she is attending another preschool.

C. After November 1, the priority number will not be raised; however, a child must maintain his/her status to keep preferential priority.

D. Most students start in the Summer or Fall. Few positions open for other terms or during the year.

E. Beginning in February, families who are on the waiting list through Fall will be contacted in order of their priority and the date their placement fee was received. They will be offered any open positions, not just their stated preferences on the placement form.

Financial Policy

1. The placement fee is non-refundable and is not applicable to any other fee. Withdrawals from the placement list will not be refunded. Children must be toilet-trained in order to be placed in a preschool class.

2. Enrollment

A. Academic Year Preschool: Enrollment must be made for the academic year. Tuition is based on the full academic year of nine months. Tuition is divided into nine equal payments. A non-refundable deposit and a signed letter of intent are required to reserve a spot for Academic Year Preschool. This deposit will be applied toward payment of the last month’s (May) preschool tuition. A signed contract and the balance of the May payment are due by June 15th, preceding enrollment. The last month’s tuition payment is non-refundable. The first month’s tuition is due the first day of class (usually in August) but payable by September 10th; each succeeding month’s tuition is due by the 10th. There are no monthly statements sent by the School. Please note when tuition is due and pay by mail, by arranging for a direct debit of your bank account or in person at the office or school deposit box. A $15 late fee will be assessed if your payment is received after the 10th of the month. A $20 service charge will be assessed for each returned check.

B. Summer Preschool: To reserve a spot in Summer Preschool, a signed contract and a nonrefundable deposit are due within two weeks of accepting a spot. The deposit will be applied toward summer preschool tuition only. Enrollment must be for all of the weeks offered, with tuition due in full by June 15. Tuition is not refundable once the session has started.

3. Once you have contracted for a Preschool Session for your student, that contract must be paid in full for the child to be eligible for enrollment in Preschool in the following academic year. Students who were enrolled for the academic year preceding the summer session are exempted from this requirement.

4. You may not skip tuition payments or make adjustments for the days, weeks or months in which your child is not in attendance.

5. If your account is over 30 days past due, the school will fill your child’s position. You may re-enroll if the vacancy has not been filled. *If a financial emergency arises, please contact the Preschool Director to discuss the situation.

6. Each student must pay a registration fee when they reserve a spot for Preschool. This annual fee is paid once per year; the year begins August 1.

7. Tuition is DUE IN THE OFFICE, THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS IN THE FALL AND THE FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH FROM OCTOBER THROUGH APRIL. There are no monthly statements sent by the School. Please note when tuition is due and pay by mail, in person at the office or a school deposit box, or by arranging to have your regular monthly payments directly debited from your bank account. We do not accept credit cards.

Cancellations or Delays due to weather issues

“Snow Days” and delays due to inclement weather will correspond with the Iowa City Public Schools cancellations and delays and will not be made up, nor will there be a refund for such cancellations or delays.

Discontinuance Policy

If discontinuance is unavoidable, Preucil School will accept withdrawal by the end of any month if the following requirements have been met:

1. Consultation with the Preschool director.

2. Completion of the Preschool Discontinuance Form, available in the office.

3. Account is paid in full to date.

4. If a student leaves before the start of a preschool session, the $100 deposit paid to hold a spot is not refundable; tuition paid in excess of the deposit is refundable if the spot is filled.

5. If a student leaves during the summer session, tuition is not refundable.

6. If a student leaves during the academic year, the last month’s deposit payment is not refundable. Students who leave during the academic year may use the deposit as the last month’s tuition payment only if their spot is filled immediately upon their discontinuance