Orchestra Program

The orchestra experience provided by the Preucil School is an essential companion to the student’s weekly lesson and integral part of our comprehensive musical training.  It motivates students as they expand their technical, reading, and musical skills; allowing the student to expand their musical experience and fellowship.

Orchestras are divided into age- and ability-appropriate groups, and all students are urged to take part from the time note reading is introduced. Students join or move to the next level upon teacher recommendation when specific skill requirements are met.  As they advance, most Preucil students also participate in their junior and senior high school orchestras.

Level 1

For students in grade 2 and above who have completed appropriate requirements. Placement is based on playing/note reading level, not age.

Crescendo Strings

This orchestra is for the newest, less advanced note readers.

Vivace Strings

For the more advanced, developing readers at this level.

Opus Orchestra

Joining of the Crescendo Strings and Vivace Strings ensembles.

Level 2

For students in grade 7 and above who have completed minimum playing requirements and students in grade 5 and above who have been in Vivace Strings for one year and have met the Exceptions playing requirements to enter Level 2.

Concert Orchestra

The only orchestra at this playing level, Concert Orchestra focuses on developing more advanced orchestral, reading and technical skills. It is the development or “prep” orchestra for the Preucil School String Orchestra (PSSO).

Level 3

For students in grade 9 and above who have completed the minimum playing requirements and students in grades 7 and 8 who have met the Exceptions playing requirements to enter Level 3.  It is Preucil’s most advanced orchestra. Its goals are to study and perform major string orchestra repertoire with professional standards of playing and orchestra protocol. Students demonstrate the fine ability of Suzuki-trained string players.

Preucil School String Orchestra (PSSO)

PSSO is the largest Level 3 performing orchestra, a combination of Sinfonietta and Philharmonia.

A treasured PSSO privilege is the opportunity to participate in the group’s international tour, which has taken place once every four years since 1991. The tour reflected a generous anonymous donor’s desire to reward Preucil students and enrich their study experience. The generous gift has covered a portion of students’ costs to travel outside the United States, accompanied by parents and sponsors. Although preparation requirements are stringent, each tour group has risen to the occasion!

During its first tour of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria in 1991, the PSSO won first price for string orchestra at the Vienna International Festival for Music and Youth. Additional destinations have included England in 1994; back to Germany in 1997; Italy in 2001; the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria in 2005; Austria in 2009; China in 2013; and the Baltic States in 2017.

The tour allows students to travel abroad as youth ambassadors of music for the School, the state, and our country. It is indeed an amazing educational experience for the students to perform, explore a new culture, and enjoy downtime together as they become a community. The concert tour allows them to see that music is a universal language and that people are more alike than different. For information on the 2022 PSSO Tour to Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic, Click Here.


The Level 3 entry level orchestra.


An audition-only orchestra with the highest playing requirements in Level 3.