Music Together Enrollment


Here’s how to enroll:

  • Read the Placement, Tuition and Payment Policies for Music Together, shown below.
  • Contact the North Campus Office and reserve a spot in a Music Together class. You can reach Administrative Assistant Molly Leefers at 319-248-1248.
  • New parents should return a completed Early Childhood Education (ECE) Placement Form within two weeks of the date you requested your reservation in order to reserve your spot. Send the placement form (new parents only) and a check for payment of your registration fee and/or tuition to:

Preucil School of Music – North Campus
2916 Northgate Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52245-9570


Families currently enrolled in Music Together® are eligible to receive priority class placement for the following session. To receive a preferential placement, you must pay tuition within two weeks after you reserve your spot. Placement priorities are:

  • First: Those who wish to stay in the same class, day and time
  • Second: Those who wish to switch times, days or classes
  • Third: Open registration applicants. As vacancies occur, we will contact you in the order applications were received and ask you to return your contract and tuition payment within two weeks.


For our Fall session the classes are to be done weekly at your convenience in your own home.  Two new weekly videos (each 20 minutes in length) will be uploaded to the Preucil website. Once you are registered you are given the link and password to be able to access the videos. Future sessions times are to be determined. Nine/ten-week sessions are offered in the Fall (starts mid-September), Winter (early January) and Spring (follows spring break in March) and a six-week Summer session begins in early June. A new CD and songbook set is included with each theme-based session.

Our Fall session is $125 for the 10 week classes (this includes the $25 yearly registration fee). If we go back face-to-face for future sessions tuition is $175.00 for Winter or Spring sessions. Summer session tuition is $117. Tuition is due within two weeks of the day you make your reservation. Siblings may attend a class for an additional $90 ($55 for Summer session, no registration fee for new students). Tuition for infants under age 7 months is $132 for Winter or Spring; $90 for Summer, or they attend free when they attend with a sibling.

Each family pays a registration fee of $25 once per year. (There is no registration fee for students starting in the Summer Session.) If a student takes an instrument lesson and either Preschool or Music Together, only the lessons registration fee is charged. If a student attends both Preschool and Music Together, only the Preschool registration fee will be charged.


Full tuition must be paid to attend a class. Tuition is due within two weeks of reserving a spot.

Accounts that are thirty days overdue will be assessed a finance charge of $15.

No refunds are given once the class has started. Prior to the first class, thirty days written notice is required for a tuition refund. A refund charge of $10 is assessed to cover administrative costs.

During the Pandemic, Preucil School is providing the opportunity for families to pay their Fall Session tuition via PayPal.  Please click on the PayPal “BuyNow” link below to make your fall tuition payment.