Enrollment FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the first step to get started with lessons?

Complete a Placement Form. Submit the form and Placement Fee of $35.00 to the School.

How are students matched with teachers?

Students and teachers are matched by the Director or Assistant Director, based on the student’s age and ability level and the teacher’s experience, interests and schedule. When a teacher has an opening, it is offered to the student next in line on the Placement list whose age and ability level are best aligned with that teacher. The Director or Assistant Director will let you know about the proposed teacher, day and time for your lesson. If you agree, your new teacher will call, a contract will be written, payment will be made and lessons will begin.

How does the Placement List work?

When you’ve submitted a Placement Form with payment, your name is placed on the list according to these priorities:

Priority 1: Students currently enrolled who wish to change to another instrument, students who want to change to another teacher for responsible reasons, current Preschool or Music Together student who want to add an instrument OR Preschool or Music Together students within a year of leaving the school

Priority 2: Students from another Suzuki program moving into the Iowa City area or siblings of students already enrolled

Priority 3: Students already enrolled who want to add another instrument  

Priority 4: Former students (instrument lessons, Preschool, Music Together) returning after more than one year

Priority 5: General public

What should we be doing while we are on the Placement List?

Observe lessons. Seeing the Suzuki philosophy, commitment, and process in action is vital to the success of your child’s music education. Students who have already been placed will arrange observations directly with their private lesson teacher.

Attend recitals, play-ins, group classes, and special events. A monthly calendar is available at www.preucil.org.

Read to learn more. Nurtured by Love and Ability Development from Age Zero, are two excellent books by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki that explain the Suzuki teaching philosophy. They are for sale at the office, available at the public library or via the Suzuki Association of the Americas at www.suzukiassociation.org

Listen to classical music in your home. Try KSUI radio, or recordings from the library.

Any general suggestions to keep in mind while we are enrolling?

Get on the placement list as soon as possible!

Be sure the lesson time availability information (on your placement form) is accurate and up-to-date.

Consider starting lessons with a time that’s not optimum until a more convenient slot becomes available.

Consider offered placements carefully. After you’ve refused two proposed lesson times, your name is moved to the end of the waiting list.

For more information on the enrollment process, please review the documents under “Lesson Placement