Financial Aid for 2018-19

The Preucil School of Music is pleased to be able to offer financial aid to qualifying students seeking to continue instrument lessons and/or add a new instrument, and to students attending Preucil Preschool and Music Together programs.

The funds available to students are a direct result of the hard work of caring parents and dedicated faculty. (For more information about Preucil School funds or to make a gift, go here.) A student’s acceptance of aid is an acknowledgement that he or she will demonstrate sustained effort that merits the support of others. This effort is expected to include a strong desire to progress. Instrument students should also be prepared to commit to careful practice periods at least six days per week (session length agreed on with teacher), and regular group lesson attendance.

Award Criteria

  1.  Family financial need
  2. Teacher recommendation endorsing the student’s commitment to eagerness to learn and lesson preparation
  3. Participation of student and family in enrichment activities and volunteer programs of the Preucil School
  4. Support of fundraising activities at the Preucil School

Participation Requirements for Students Receiving Aid

For all students:

  1. Student and family involvement in enrichment activities and volunteer programs of the Preucil School
  2. Support of fundraising activities at the Preucil School


Preucil School of Music students are also expected to participate in:

  1.  Group and/or orchestra, as a string student qualifies by age and ability
  2.  Musical Achievement Week
  3. Annual Reflections and Goal Setting Process

How to Apply

  1. Print the Financial Aid Application Packet. (Packets are updated and available each April 1st)
  2. Complete the application and return it to the Preucil School with a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your most recent federal income tax return, including any additional forms or addendums. Applications must be completed in full and returned with your tax form(s) by May 1st. You may email scanned copies of these documents to Tom Birkenholz.
  3. Your child’s signed Statement of Intent (page 2 of the application) expressing his or her commitment.
  4. A signed Faculty Recommendation form submitted by your child’s lead teacher to the School office by May 1. Please give your teacher(s) adequate notice to complete and submit the form by the deadline.

For each academic year funding cycle, updated forms are posted at the website by April 1 and applicants are notified by the end of June. Please direct any questions to Tom Birkenholz, Administrative Manager, at 319-337-4156 or email Tom Birkenholz.