ANNOUNCEMENT: (12/18/2020)


The School’s Strategic Planning Committee unanimously decided to move back to the Hybrid Learning Model starting the week of January 3rd.  A reminder for those families/teachers gong hybrid, that with this staggered approach, Face to Face (F2F) lessons are not back to back and F2F students come every other week. In addition, each teacher will again have 2 rooms, a virtual room and a F2F room. The F2F teaching room needs to be cleared for at least 30 minutes before another F2F lesson can be taught in that space. Your teachers will reconfirm your schedule with you in the coming week or over break.


The school will continue to monitor the Johnson County positivity rates and follow the ICCSD plan. We will remain hybrid until the 14 day positivity rate goes higher than 15% or the ICCSD moves back to 100% virtual learning. Espressivo, Cello Choir and Junior Cello Choir will meet in person on a weekly basis. Winter Chamber TBD. Any updates or changes will be shared with you by Thursday, December 31, 2020.


The Strategic Planning Committee and school has worked hard to make our hybrid teaching as safe and successful as possible. Our collective efforts are only as effective as we (teachers, parents, staff and students) make them. We must keep in mind to not cut corners and continue working together to follow the guidelines as established by the school. To this end, the school is asking faculty and parents to share their holiday plans with each other. Are you traveling, are you having guests outside of your immediate pod in for the holidays? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, a sensitive and transparent discussion needs to occur between both parties about whether those first couple F2F lessons in January should remain virtual.


As we return, we ask parents to keep their teachers informed as to whether COVID is in their family, if there has been exposure through school, sports, etc. to someone that has contracted the virus, or if there is general sickness in the family. In the event that students/families fall into one of these categories, there should be no F2F lesson or performing group attended that week. The same criteria will be applied to faculty or members of their family that have been exposed, have COVID or who are ill. If a student must miss a F2F lesson, the lesson will be virtual instead.


We look forward to returning and seeing our students once again in person. We hope there will be no further need to fall back to 100% virtual learning, but if there is we are prepared to do so. Thank you in advance for your understanding and collaborative spirit as we move forward in the new year!


Wishing you a peaceful and joyful holiday season!

Sonja Zeithamel, Director