Plan to Return in the Fall


Our Return-to-Learn (RTL) plan has been an ongoing discussion for the last several months by the School’s administration, RTL Steering Committee, Finance committee and Board of Trustees. The plan has taken many twists and turns as we have watched the reports from local, state and federal government health agencies as well as other professional organizations. We have also been following the responses by the University of Iowa Music School, ICCSD and our community’s response to COVID.

Since our state is not clearly unified on how to best mitigate the virus or how to create the safest RTL environment for our teachers and students, Preucil School of Music has made its decision to remain Virtual until November 1. During the week of October 19, we will reassess the data and if we can provide a safe environment, we will move to a limited hybrid model on November 1 for those teachers and families that feel comfortable. The hybrid model and course offerings are TBD.

Remaining virtual will allow us some time to see how 31,000 UI students returning to Iowa City will impact community spread of the virus. It will also tell us if the ICCSD plan is working. As families are making decisions about returning to school in the fall, we hope that Preucil School’s decision will minimize your safety concerns surrounding your music lessons. We realize this is not what everyone wishes to hear at this time, but it is the most responsible approach if we want to return strong when it is safe to do so.

Following is a summary of the Virtual Curriculum until at least Nov. 1:

*Please know that our goal is to return with our regular curriculum as soon as we feel this is safely possible. New PSM parents, please see our website,, for the School’s full curriculum.

1. All private lessons are virtual.

2. All string and piano group classes are virtual.

3. Performing groups (Cello Choir and Espressivo) are virtual with occasional classes meeting safely outside. This year their main focus will be service to the community.

4. Virtual New Beginners (Pre-Twinkle) Class: This class will spend the first semester with parents of new beginners only going over philosophy, practice tips, etc. Open to all instruments. Second semester curriculum TBD.

5. Four week virtual enrichment courses:  Returning with courses offered this summer.

In early August the school will be sending families directions for on-line registration. Yes, you read correctly! This will be a whole new process for teachers and parents, so please watch your inbox for directions.

Thank you so much for your tremendous support and understanding during this very challenging of times. Together our Preucil Community will get through this!

Stay well, stay safe.


Sonja Zeithamel, Director