COVID-19 Updates

We are saddened to announce, that due to COVID-19 virus, the Preucil School of Music will be making necessary adjustments for everyone’s health and safety. The good news is that this will not be forever. The bad news is that we need to make changes that will disrupt our day to day lives. As a strong united community, I know that we can make it through this! Programs around the state, country and world are faced with the same challenges and approaching them in similar fashion.


All instrument lessons are being offered remotely (on-line).

Additional actions by the Preucil School of Music


  • Summer Chamber cancelled.

  • All group classes are cancelled to the end of the academic year (Thursday and Friday string group classes, all piano group classes, cello choir, junior cello choir and voice classes).

  • All recitals through the end of May are cancelled.

  • Piano and String Musical Achievement are cancelled.

  • Piano Concerto Festival is cancelled (no orchestra needed).

  • Piano Extravaganza is cancelled.

  • Winter Chamber Program is cancelled.

  • Graduation Ceremony has been cancelled.

Preucil School of Music Buildings are closed until further notice.  Our Administrative Staff are remotely monitoring phone messages and email during regular business hours.


Summer Session instrument lessons will continue to be offered on-line. For questions relating to instrument lessons please contact your teacher directly.  For questions related to other topics, please call 319-337-4156 or email


Early Childhood Education Programs


We are excited to announce the Music Together program will be offering an On-Line Spring Session starting the week of May 4 and run through the week of June 22. For  information relating to the On-Line Spring Session or general questions relating to Music Together, please contact Denise at 319-248-1248 or


We are saddened to announce that Preucil Preschool has been closed for the academic year. On-line presentations and sessions for the students will continue through May.  Preschool Summer Camps have also been cancelled.  For questions relating to Preschool, please contact Tricia at 319-248-1248 or


Everyone, please be well, stay safe and keep music in your lives!  Dr. Suzuki believed, “Beautiful heart, beautiful soul, beautiful music!”  May the upcoming days be filled with peace for you and your family!


Sonja Zeithamel, Director