Preucil Board & Guild

Director’s Message By Sonja Zeithamel

Over the last year and a half, our community has been committed to fighting COVID-19. Never did we imagine that our schools and businesses would be closed or that there would be so many lives lost. It has been a huge challenge, but as a result of our efforts to comply with the policies and guidelines set by our local, state, and federal governments, we have come out on the other side. The vaccine is bringing us hope and there is confidence in the community that we can gradually work towards life as we knew it. There is much excitement and anticipation for the fall and for the vaccine for 12 and younger to become available. Until more of our children are vaccinated we will remain masked, sanitize our hands and social distance.

Despite our programs being cut back drastically last year, Preucil School faculty, staff and students stayed connected and our students continued to learn. We continued the virtual experience started in March 2020 for private lessons, group classes, performing groups, preschool, Music Together®, masterclasses and recitals. As COVID conditions started to improve, the School responded with creative and safe ways to reach our students in person. Performing groups were held outdoors. Preschool had special events outside on the playground. What fun it was to see each other again!

In the second semester, Winter Chamber Program and student recitals were held in person on a very limited basis for a limited audience and as our outdoor classroom warmed up, a few program activities were moved outdoors. There were also two special school events held signaling the true beginning of our return. The Senior Graduation Ceremony was held at the Englert Theatre at the end of May and Summer Chamber Fest was held at North Campus at the end of June. We are happy to say, live music is back at Preucil School of Music! Please take a moment to read more about these events later in this publication.

The 2021-22 school year is projected to be one of rebuilding at Preucil School. There will be some challenges to work through, but we will do so by using lessons learned and by keeping safety our number one priority. We plan to gradually implement our full curriculum, including events such as the Annual String Concert at Hancher, the Orchestra Festival and Piano Concerto Day. In addition, the year will be filled with preparations for our 2022 Summer PSSO Tour to Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic.

The School is very appreciative and grateful for everyone’s continued support over the last year and a half. A heartfelt thank you to faculty, staff, parents, students, Board of Directors, donors, and friends. It has been a very humbling experience to live through and we look forward to the time when we can say thank you through our music once again!

Reprinted from the Fanfare August 2021

Board of Trustees and Guild Responsibilities

The Preucil School of Music is a non-profit organization governed by the Board of Trustees (BOT). Its objective is to set policy and direction for Preucil School and to support the Preucil Administration in accomplishing the organization’s mission. The Preucil Guild, a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees, focuses on fundraising, marketing and special events. Members of both boards commit to serving a three-year term, which may be extended for a second three-year term. The school appreciates the service by each of its Board and Guild members. The school could not operate or continue offering a quality musical experience for its students without the support of both groups. Today’s economy presents special challenges to non-profit organizations, and these individuals with their vision, expertise and desire to make a difference have been an inspiration to the school’s leadership.

How May I Serve?

If anyone would be interested in serving on the Preucil School of Music Board or Guild in this very special volunteer capacity, please let Sonja Zeithamel know at 319-337-4156 x103 or

Board of Trustees


Joe Yockey – President
Robin Jackson Miller – Treasurer
Doris Preucil –Secretary
Anjana Aggarwal
Tim Evans
Ross George
Lisa Guttenberg
Katie Kahler
Geri Kohlhaas
William Preucil
Saif Sami
Jason Aird
Luis Martin-Estudillo
Lyse Strnad
John Ruppel
Sonja Zeithamel

Committee-Only Members

Brad Langguth –Finance
Jim Hussey – Finance



Kiki Aanestad
Linda Cretzmeyer
Lisa Guttenberg
Catherine McGarvey
Doris Preucil
William Preucil
Jon Ranard
Patricia Roberts
Cherie Viner-Lynch
Sze Sze Yockey
Sonja Zeithamel