Adult Study

The Preucil School offers programs to adults who seek to enrich their life experiences with music. Although the Suzuki approach was designed as a method for teaching the very youngest musicians, adult students have found its focus on listening and repetition in an encouraging environment to achieve very good results. 

Adult musicians are encouraged to join the Amateur Chamber Music Players, Inc. for international networking and opportunities to make new friends through music.


Weekly private lessons at all levels of advancement are offered for all instruments.

String Classes

Adults may join with younger students in the weekly Thursday or Friday afternoon string classes which provide further study of the beginning and intermediate repertoire and its performance. Adult students may also play in the Hancher concert (must attend required rehearsals).

Piano Play-ins

Adult students may take part in the piano play-ins, which are held several times a year.


To give additional reading experience, adult students may join in on rehearsals of Crescendo and Vivace, sitting in the rear of the section. (Concert and PSSO Orchestras are open to school age students only.)

Chamber Music

The Ten-week Chamber Program in Spring and the Summer Chamber Fest are offered to adult string players who have finished Book 4 or the equivalent on their instrument. Preucil School adult piano students are recommended and placed by their teachers. Chamber Music is recommended for adults to develop playing skills, experience the repertoire, and develop musical friendships. Adult chamber music lovers from the community are encouraged to enroll.


 Adult students can perform in one adult recital each year.

Musical Achievement

Adult string and piano students and school-age students are combined in this informal performance opportunity each year. Feedback is provided by a faculty panel via written comments.