To put your child on the waiting list for Preschool:

Read the Placement and Financial Policies for Preschool
Print the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Placement Form (Required)
Complete the ECE Placement Form and send with the $40 placement fee to:
  • Preucil School of Music - North Campus
    2916 Northgate Dr.
    Iowa City, IA 52245-9570

Financial Aid is available for preschool students who are in their second or third year at Preucil Preschool or who have enrolled in the required number of Music Together classes the preceding year. Applications are available April 1 and due May 1.

Placement for your child will follow these steps:

On November 1 an ordered list is drawn for all the children desiring placement any time in the next calendar year, and you can call to see where your child is on the list.

In early January you will receive a letter detailing what to expect during the placement process. Late January to Early February, calls/emails will begin to place children, using the ordered list. When you are contacted, you will be offered all the spots available. We ask that you reply within one business day. The entire process can take more than a month.

The preschool holds 53 students in three classes. Typically there are close to 30 openings available. It is usually possible to make an offer to everyone on the list.

Most students start in the summer or fall. Spots only open other times if students leave. A few children opt to attend Summer only.

Since the Preschool is normally full for the Academic Session, spots for Spring will only be available if current students leave.

Anyone who does not receive an offer by the time all spots are initially filled will be notified. Spots often open after the initial placement is completed, and those remaining on the placement list will be contacted if spots open.