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What room choices are available for adults on tour?
Generally, kids room with kids and adults with adults (which we prefer) or adults can have a room by themselves. Sometimes, however, a student will room with a parent if both feel strongly about it. Assuming you will have a roommate (either adult or your child), you will want twin beds. Rooms are 2/room in twin beds, but sometimes double beds are available for couples going on tour. We will ask for roommate preferences later; couples are automatic roommates. If you want a room by yourself, you can choose a single at an extra cost of $268.
What room choices are available for students on tour?
Rooms are 2/room in twin beds. Assuming your student will be rooming with another student, we will ask for 3 choices for roommates, in order of preference, in December or January. We match up kids according to their preferences as much as possible.
What does being a chaperon involve?
See Chaperon Responsibilities from the last tour. Generally, each chaperone is responsible for about 4 kids – just to keep track of them and make sure they know what is happening each day and are having a good time – kind of like their mom/dad-away-from-home. You don’t have to be with them all the time.