Pre-Twinkle Lessons
Violin, Cello, & Piano

To ensure the best possible start, we prefer to schedule beginners under the age of five for two partner lessons per week. These 45-minute lessons are offered in the mornings and early afternoons and are dependent on family and teacher availability. All new parents and children are asked to have a meet and greet with the Assistant Director prior to being placed with a teacher. This will allow the best possible partner situation to be created.

"Enjoyment of the moment" is a key phrase that describes our program’s philosophy. It is our hope that parents will enjoy their children’s development as they move through these important learning years. Never will children learn so much and seem to move so slowly! But with trust in what is to come, parents can find immense satisfaction in the mastery of each step and observe first-hand a solid foundation being formed.

New families are asked to observe a minimum of two private lessons. These observations are scheduled by the teacher after a family has been placed. At these times, the Suzuki Triangle can be seen in action: parent, teacher, and child working, sharing, and having fun together. Success in the Suzuki approach depends upon this triangular relationship, rooted in a rich environment. Additional observations of group classes, recitals, and play-ins are strongly recommended. Observing students already playing will give new students and parents confidence that they too will learn to play.

If the Pre-Twinkle student has to miss a class, this will not be made up; rather, the parent is asked to come, take the lesson, observe the other children, and participate in the discussions. Children develop at different rates and are not expected to move at the same pace. Each child will develop as an individual and not in competition with others.

The Suzuki Philosophy is one based on love, yet we know that discipline is a part of love. As children begin lessons, training is directed toward helping them understand behavioral expectations. The parent’s help and cooperation in this area will aid in the child’s progress and contribute to the overall learning atmosphere of the class.

Parents with questions, problems, or just the need for some reassurance are urged to contact the teacher. The Pre-Twinkle experience is a time for planting the “musical seeds.” If we give them time and proper nurturing, they will begin to grow, a little at a time.

Level I (the first year of lessons)

Two lessons per week are scheduled, consisting of two to four children, each with a parent. Lessons include discussion of Suzuki philosophy and its application, questions, parent lessons, individual instruction with each student, observation of each other’s lesson and group activities. Parents often can learn more by observing someone else’s child than their own; likewise, each child will gain much from watching and listening to friends, as well as being observed by others. All children and parents are expected to be prompt for lessons and stay until their conclusion.

Two classes per week in the beginning stages provide more hands-on experience for the teacher and student and ample time for training the parent as home teacher. Class size and make-up sometimes change after the introductory stages have been completed but still meet twice weekly. All scheduling decisions are made to offer the best learning situation for each child.

Level II (the second year - parent/teacher discretion)

Two students are paired to receive one forty-five minute partner lesson per week. Pairing for partner lessons in Level II is carefully considered at the end of Level I by parent and teacher. After Level II, children move to an individual thirty-minute lesson and can join group class when the teacher feels it is the appropriate time. In some circumstances, children may proceed directly to individual lessons and group classes after Level I.

These partner lessons are beneficial and highly recommended. However, if scheduling in a group setting is not possible, a four-year-old beginner and parent may be enrolled in a thirty-minute private lesson.