Concert Orchestra Policies
Concert Orchestra Parents and Members,
Please Read all the Below Information Carefully

Concert Orchestra is a training orchestra where students develop their ensemble playing to the next level. Expectations and standards for playing will be high, thus consistent attendance and practice outside of orchestra should be priorities. Orchestra members are expected to attend regularly and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all rehearsals and concerts. Remember, to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late!

Click for a master schedule for Concert Orchestra and all related Monday groups. Refer to it for specific dates and times. Any changes will be announced at rehearsals, posted at both buildings, sent by email and/or post card and posted on the school’s Facebook page and website.

Following are the Annual Attendance Requirements:

Two unexcused tardies or early departures - 1 unexcused absence. Students are expected to be in their seats five minutes prior to the start of rehearsal. Any student who is tardy or has to leave early must have a parent notify the office of the reason or have a signed Excused Absence Form stating the reason for the tardiness or early departure. Students having valid reasons for being late/departing early will have their tardiness excused. It is the consensus of the administrartion that being late/departing early because of sports events will not be a valid reason.

Three unexcused, no-questions-asked absences will be allowed during the year. Illness, bad weather for out-of-town students, school music and academic programs and Preucil-related programs are the only valid reasons for an excused absence and require a signed Excused Absence Form as above. It is the consensus of the administration that sports event will not be a valid reason.