Music Theory Program
Music Theory

Have you ever wondered what the circle of fifths is? What does tonic and dominant mean? Would you like more practice reading the bass clef as well as the treble clef? Get the answers to these questions and strengthen your musical ability Saturday afternoons in December and January. Learn to use the tools of theory that all musicians utilize. Knowledge is power!

You can often know what a composer is thinking with your added knowledge of theory. The study of music theory is important for all music students. Theoretical study greatly enhances the development of facility in note-reading, concepts of form in compositions, key signatures, and chord functions. Ear-training is also emphasized which covers interval and chord recognition, time signatures, and major and minor scales.


During the months of December and January, a six week theory class is offered for all Preucil instrumental or vocal students. The curriculum for the course is based on the theory exam for the IMTA (Iowa Music Teachers Association). This class is structured in six levels that cover from Level A at basic note-reading and rhythmic skills, to advanced analysis at Level F. Written class work is balanced with ear-training drills.

All are welcome regardless of instrument! Bring your paper, pencils, and enthusiasm. See you there!